Friday, November 13, 2015

VIVALDI Teatro alla moda


'Gli Incogniti show us the violinistic tricks, the brilliance and invention that fell foul of Marcello s pamphlet ... a wonderful example of the joys to be in found in violinist Amandine Beyer and her ensemble Gli Incogniti s latest recording ... it may take its title from a pamphlet lampooning Vivaldi but it makes a virtue of it in the way it uses it to explore the breadth of the man of the theatre who was also a brilliant violinist ... highly recommended' --Andrew McGregor BBC Radio 3 CD Review, 7th November 2015

1720: in his famous pamphlet 'Il teatro alla moda', the composer Marcello satirised the excesses of new-fangled Venetian opera. Cadenzas, variations, ‘divismo’, virtuosity, popular dances, assorted sound effects: nearly three centuries later, each of the ‘qualities’ he mocked has provided the inspiration for this new release from Gli Incogniti to the glory of Vivaldi. The Red Priest who aroused Marcello’s patrician indignation could not have cared less about such formal taboos! His experiments, his spontaneity, his juxtapositions and contrasts served only one rhetorical cause: the theatrical dimension of his instrumental music. Take your seats!

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