Monday, November 23, 2015

RAVEL & SCHMITT Piano Concertos

“the main selling point is the premiere recording of the piano-and-orchestra version of 'J'entends dans le lointain' by Florent Schmitt…the fiercely demanding original piano solo, written on three staves, is the first part of a triptych entitled Ombres…after it. Ravel's Left Hand Concerto comes as light relief” --Gramophone, November 2015

Vincent Larderet’s performance of Ravel’s piano concertos on this recording is marked by careful adherence to the original score and respect for the composer’s markings while, at the same time, liberating if from certain habits of interpretation.

Ravel’s work is supplemented by a piece of Florent Schmitt. Although Schmitt’s reputation as a composer rivalled Ravel’s during his lifetime, his music has, inexplicably and unjustifiably, fallen into obscurity. The restoration of such an extraordinary musical score may contribute to the rehabilitation of one of the greatest French composers of his generation.

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