Tuesday, November 17, 2015

TOUS les Matins du Monde

Whether or not you saw the film Tous les matins du monde, you owe it to yourself to either discover or revisit its soundtrack, which features the music of two great figures of 17th-century France: Saint Colombe and his pupil Marin Marais. Saint Colombe, about whom little is known, was a great viol player who was acclaimed for his improvisations. Marais became a member of the famed court orchestra under Lully (some of whose music also appears on the disc) at a very young age. One of the joys of this recording is the sound of the bass viol, an instrument rarely played by itself, especially in such a virtuoso manner. 

Jordi Savall is the undisputed modern master of the instrument, and he shows us why on this program. As an added bonus, two outstanding vocal pieces are sung with endearing purity, flawless technique, and impeccable intonation by two perfectly matched sopranos. --David Vernier

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