Monday, November 30, 2015

BERTALI Tausend Gülden

The sonatas are real gems from the mid-17th century Habsburg Court, one of the most exciting times in music history.

Antonio Bertali’s courtly compositions reflect the enormous diversity of instrumental music from the 17th century: sonatas with highly virtuosic violin parts alternate with dance-like sonatelles and a ciacona with boisterous rhythms. The most famous work, perhaps the only one you may have heard before by Bertali, is his ciaconna in C. Among the other works on this album are sonatas for multiple strings (sonatas a2, a8, a6, etc.)

The playing is superb, the intonation impeccable, the interpretation brilliantly original. 

Technically, these sonatas are well-done, with a live acoustic, but plenty of recorded detail to capture the clean playing by the FBO Consort.

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