Monday, November 30, 2015

JOHN WILLIAMS Greatest Hits 1969 - 1999

For better or worse, John Williams has completely reshaped the art of the soundtrack. His scores for Star Wars, E.T., and Jaws are simply unforgettable, and his knack for tugging at our heartstrings is uncanny. John Williams: Greatest Hits 1969-1999 collects 30 years of the composer's best-loved themes into one double-CD package. You'll find all the soundtrack moments you'd expect from Indiana Jones, Close Encounters, and Schindler's List, along with a few surprises (The Reivers Americana-filled main theme and Williams's 1984 Olympic theme, for starters).

↷ Star Wars Main Title

Most of the earlier works have been digitally rerecorded by Williams, so while you may not get the original recording of these works here, nothing shows its age. And although we really do get only his "greatest hits" (the longest track is the nearly 10-minute-long Close Encounters theme), most of these soundtracks can be purchased in their entirety for the true aficionado. John Williams may be an acquired taste, but this set proves why--year after year--he scores some of the most successful films Hollywood can produce. --Jason Verlinde

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