Saturday, November 21, 2015

VIVALDI Concerti per fagotto IV

As in the successful volumes 1-3 this is a very exciting recording, featuring the bassoon as you never heard before! 

The thirty-nine bassoon concertos by Vivaldi constitute the largest collection of works devoted to this noble instrument. Clearly, the creativity of Vivaldi was greatly boosted by the phenomenal flexibility and nostalgic sound of the bassoon, which is still remarkable in the way it can "imitate" the human voice. It should also be emphasized that Vivaldi, a violinist, was always very attracted to the instruments with deep range.

So much so that apart from the considerable number of works he dedicated to his own instrument, it is for bassoon and cello that he composed the greatest number of works. It is Italian bassoonist Sergio Azzolini who offers these six concertos, the fourth component of an box set published by Naive. The richness and invention of Vivaldi makes for an exhilirating listening experience from start to finish.

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