Monday, May 7, 2012

Mohammed Shareef Khan Poonchwala - Sitar - A Tribute to Hazrat Amir Khusrau - LP EMCPM-5013 (1975)

Ustad Mohammed Shareef Khan Poonchwala - Sitar
Mohammed Tufail Narowali - Tabla

On the first edition of this LP the music on one side was distorted. Later the LP was republished as LKDE-20020. The new edition did not have this distortion, but unfortunately it came with a generic cover. So we present here the music of the second edition, but the cover of the first edition. This is the 4th LP by the great master on this blog. We still have a 5th LP, which we will post in the future.

Side 1:
Raag Saz Giri (20:39)

Side 2:
Raag Surparda (21:03)

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