Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ochilxon Otaxanov - Another great Master of Maqam Music from Uzbekistan

Here for the listening pleasure of the few enthusiastic visitors of our Uzbek posts another great master of the Maqam music of Uzbekistan. I guess he belongs - like Orifxon Xatamov - to the Maqam tradition of the Ferghana Valley. I downloaded these (and many more) recordings a while ago from some Uzbek websites and put them for myself on CDs. Here we offer one of these CDs. These recordings are probably from the 1960s, 1970s or 1980s and were probably published originally as Melodiya LPs during Sowjet times. The cover picture above does not correspond to the content. If I remember right I downloaded the picture about 10 years ago and it looks like the cover of a cassette. 

01 Barno Kelib (5:00)
02 Chapandozi (7:32)
03 Dastingdan (3:46)
04 Deganim Shu (3:18)
05 Dilrabolardan (6:01)
06 Dilraboni Axtarib (5:00)
07 Etmasmidim (5:22)
08 Ey Falak (7:02)
09 Farg`onacha (6:17)
10 Husayni Navo (7:38)
11 Keldim (6:54)
12 Keldiyu Ketdi (7:11)
13 Mubtalo Bo`ldim (4:09)

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