Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The MOZART Album

The Perfect Mozart Team! Intuitive musical star-pianist Lang Lang meets the legendary pioneer of period performance practice and iconic Mozart authority Nikolaus Harnoncourt.

“Lang Lang makes his entrance with graceful tenderness, every note eloquently weighted, each phrases measured and expressive. There's a new maturity in his playing as he leads the orchestra with sweet suggestiveness...And his cadenza are models of their kind: exquisite displays of lyricism, but staying scrupulously within the bounds of Classical good taste.” --BBC Music Magazine, January 2015

“Of course the technique needs no comment; but the feeling is that Lang Lang has the measure of the music without approaching the impish playfulness of Brendel, the inwardness of Pires...He comes into his own, however, in the cadenzas. Here his touch is breathtakingly beautiful and, let off the leash, he is able to spin the same spells that make certain parts of his live performances so mesmerising.” --Gramophone Magazine, October 2014

“Lang Lang isn’t simply a showman. On The Mozart Album he actually seems almost too serious as he picks his way, often careful and reticent, through two famous concertos...But the ear adjusts and spirits rise, for overall these public performances convey much more of Lang Lang’s bouncy personality.” --The Times, 14th November 2014 ***

“At first sight, it’s an unlikely partnership, more a PR stunt than a meeting of minds. In fact, the 84-year-old Austrian Nikolaus Harnoncourt and the young Chinese virtuoso work together well...The performance of the enchanting, harmonically ever-startling G major concerto is a joy.” --Sunday Times, 16th November 2014

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