Thursday, January 24, 2013

Seyed Jalaleddin Mohammadian & Seyed Khalil Alinejad - Ashnayane Rahe Eshgh - Mystical music from Kermanshah, Iran - Cassette from Iran

Seyed Jalaleddin Mohammadian, a singer from Kermanshah, was in the 1980s and 1990s a quite well known classical and mystical (Irfani) singer. He published a couple of cassettes (partly republished as CDs) of classical Iranian music and several cassettes (only one of them published also as CD) with the typical mystical or Irfani music from Kermanshah in Iranian Kurdistan, based on the music of the Ahl-e Haqq sect for which the Tanbur (a long-necked lute) is sacred and plays an important role in their rituals. But in contrast to the ritual music of the Ahl-e Haqq, which is a solist music of a master Tanbur player singing mystical poems from their tradition, Jalaleddin Mohammadian and some other singers like Shahram Nazeri used Sufi poetry by some of the great Persian Sufi poets like Hafiz and Rumi (Molana) and were accompanied by an ensemble consisting of several Tanbur players and several Daf players - the Daf is the big Kurdish frame drum originally used in the Sufi rituals of the Qadiri dervishes. Here we present a very beautiful cassette from the mid 1980s by Seyed Jalaleddin Mohammadian and the famous Tanbur player Seyed Khalil Alinejad (1968-2001). They are accompanied by an ensemble of Tanbur and Daf players.

Side 1 (28:27)
Side 2 (28:59)


Note that on the cover a Tar is pictured, but the instrument played is the Tanbur.
Here a foto of Seyed Khalil Alinejad with his Tanbur.

Raga Maqam Dastgah (contact: carries a huge selection of CDs of classical Iranian music, music of the Ahl-e Haqq and a number of great Tanbur players. They also have several CDs with the Dhikr rituals of the Qadiri dervishes from Iranian Kurdistan, the origin of the big frame drum Daf. 

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