Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Parisa & Ensemble Darvish - Bayat-e Tork - Copy of an Iranian Cassette from the 1970s

Parisa (or Parissa), born 1950, is one of the foremost female singers of Iran. She studied with the famous Radif master Mahmud Karimi (1927-1984) and with Ostad Dariush Safvat (born 1928). We present here a cassette we bought in the 1980s in an Iranian shop in London. This cassette has better sound quality than other edtions of the same recording circulating in the Iranian community, even better than the CD. This cassette, manufactured in England, contains the mode Bayat-e Tork recorded in Iran before the revolution. See more on the artist on her website: http://www.parissa.org/05_biography/biography.htm
The Ensemble Darvish was directed by Santoor player Reza Shafieian (born 1941). The Tar and Setar player might be Dariush Tala'i.

Bayat-e Tork (both sides joined into one track) (38:02)
1. Tasnif Mehrabani
2. Chaharmezrab Santoor
3. Avaz (singing) & Nay
4. Avaz & Tar (in reality Setar)
5. Avaz & Kemencheh
6. Tasnif Hamchu Farhad Shadeh
7. Chaharmezrab Nay
8. Zarbi Tork
9. Avaz & Tar
10. Tasnif
11. Zarbi Reng

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