Thursday, February 7, 2013

Anokhelal Mishra (1914-1958) - Tabla Solo in Teental - recorded on 26.12.1957

Pandit Anokhelal Mishra was a legendary Tabla player of the Benares Gharana.

A couple of years ago the Indian label Legendary Legacy published a CD by him. See here. Unfortunately this CD has a completely wrong speed and is therefore very frustrating. A number of years ago somebody shared in the Chandrakantha Forum the same recording with much better sound quality and a more correct speed. It seems that the download link for this recording has disappeared. So here it is again.

Teental: Peshkar, Kaida, Gat, Tukre
Lahara: Jnan Prakash Ghosh
Recorded 26.12.1957

Part 1 (45:38)
Part 2 (7:22)

Apparently from a 90 minutes cassette. There is a small part missing between the two sides. On the CD and also on the YouTube video there was anyway only the first part.

A member of the Chandrakantha Forum community wrote: "On the assumption that the speed was slightly slow beginning at 1:16 I've restored the speed at that point by +2% so that it is now nearly impossible to tell the difference before and after 1:16. I've also removed about 90% of the hiss that's especially prominent in the first half. There's another slight slow down at 11:25. I've also fixed this (by +2%). "  Many thanks for your efforts.

The new sound file is here:
Download corrected version

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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