Sunday, September 4, 2011

3ème festival de musique Andalouse - Alger 1972 - Vol. 2

LP Mahrajan 72591 (Réalisation: Club du Disque Arabe)
On side 1 is a rather awful modern version of classical Arab music with a far too big orchestra inspired by western symphonic orchestras with a huge mixed female and male chorus. Traditionally this music used to be performed by a solo singer and a small ensemble, the so-called Takht, with just an 'Ud, a Qanun, a Nay, maybe a violin, and one or two percussionists on the Riqq and Darbouka.
Side 2 has a very beautiful and traditional example of the Arabo-Andalusian music of Tlemcen, in the so-called Gharnati (coming from Granada) style.

Side 1:
Société Egytienne du Conservatoire de Musique Arabe
sous la direction du Professeur Abdelhalim Nouira (24:00)

Side 2:
Orchestre Mustapha Belkhodja de Tlemcen:
Btaihi Ghrib: Fad Elhaoua
Darj Ghrib: Allah Allah Ach Dani Naachaq
Khlas Ghrib: Emchi Ya Rassoul
Touchiat El Kamal (22:20)

Our dear friend Bolingo had already uploaded a while ago Vol. 7:
We will upload the Volumes 6 & 9

Bolingo also uploaded the first 6 LPs of Volume 1 of the 2ème Festival Algerien de la Musique Andalouse 1969

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